Whilst running the IT business, I continued to trade in the stock market, and bought my first investment property. I had some fantastic wins – and some significant losses which ill talk about later, but I realized in these years that investing was my real passion and what I wanted to focus on long term. After selling the business and the investment property, I went travelling in Europe trading shares from my laptop with no fixed plans. The first stop on my trip was Munich, and after only a week I got itchy feet to get in to business again. Through a fortunate turn of events, I met Wilhelm Schroeder, who is a very successful and highly respected investor. He was previously running the Munich office of the Australian investment bank, Macquarie Bank, and was now setting up his own business advising European funds on Australian stock market investments. Daniel Weston spent a few hours building a friendship and discussing my background and experience, and although he hadn’t planned on employing anyone, he offered me a job! I gratefully accepted!

From the first day working with Mr Schroeder back in 2007, I was given great freedom in my role. I discovered that using my IT skills to analyze economic data to make investment decisions was what I enjoyed the most. I have used this opportunity as a platform in recent years to build my own investment strategies and philosophies with success.

In terms of the global economic climate, what are the concerns and opportunities that you see? My biggest concerns are based around high levels of western world government debt, financial engineering, and the value of money. History has shown that debt can’t be fixed with more debt, and paper backed money made by governments isn’t sustainable.

Tombstone Tuesday: Daniel Weston and Elizabeth Coombe Weston

I believe that the real value of commodities will increase through demand, scarcity and a devaluation of currencies. Innovation in science and technology will always be in high demand. Most importantly, the biggest opportunity is always for anyone to start their own business in a field they have an advantage in. (FirstStep.me says: touché)