Power saws are used in case where you need to slice through any metal, trim the decking size, or to dig a hole for any household purpose. They are very much powerful with their blades that go through the rough and hard parts. There are many power saw types that can be used in different fields of work according to the needs.


The best circular saw for the money is used in case where there is a need to make perfect straight cuts deep inside the timber. They can penetrate through a lot of substances such as the timber, plywood, decking and more.


They are used to cut the materials at different angles ranging from 45 to 90. They are used in general carpentry works such as making picture frames using timbers and other wood materials.


These are a kind of serious saws used in tough materials. They need both the hands for operating and it packs up larger power and is heavier than the other saws.


It is widely used in making the cuts that are more précised. They are well known for making for curves, cuts and angles that make a piece of work more decorative than the usual. They can be employed in many materials such as the plastic, timber, wood and more.

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These saws are used to work on light wood for creating intricate curves and joints in a well finished manner. They can be used in hobby works.


This tool has incredible versatility than the other types. They can do more curved cuts on larger materials by adjusting the blades to the finest finished product.